Building an App Similar to SoundCloud: What to Know

Building a product is what businesses do nowadays and letting the audience know that there is a dedicated platform on a phone is what is preferred. Apps such as SoundCloud or Spotify can be accessed through a laptop as well. In fact, working-class people and students often use their laptops to stream music.

But in a general sense, having an app is the most preferred idea in terms of long-term retention and getting a bigger presence. Everything ties down to your revenue.

Rest assured, an app developer in Houston or anywhere can help you build an app from scratch.

Keep reading as we disclose what it takes to build an app similar to SoundCloud. Let’s start.

Market Figures

Music streaming is rapidly evolving and more than that, it is important to acknowledge how consumers are more comfortable with playing a song or listening to a podcast comfortably through their phones. Back in the day, going to record stores and buying physical albums was the norm.

But now, considering how everyone uses phones and looks at media consumption – trends have evolved and streaming apps are more popular. Whether it be music or video. Look at how Netflix has succeeded in generating $24.9 billion in revenue in 2021 alone. And platforms like SoundCloud have showcased their importance as well.

SoundCloud made around $221 million in revenue during the pandemic and considering how the business model of the platform operates, relatively, the app is successful and is considered one of the original music streaming platforms.

We agree that Spotify and Apple Music are more popular among consumers, but nonetheless, SoundCloud has a dedicated audience and the revenue showcases how the platform will continue to embrace what the future has to offer. It is here to stay.

An iPhone app development company knows what kind of interface consumers prefer and what features would be appropriate. Make a sound decision while you choose a partner (we’ll talk about it).

Begin the Process

Now – we understand the process might seem overwhelming and there is a lot that goes into creating a digital product concerning music and streaming. But keep reading and see how seamless everything gets as you figure out entire phases.

1.      Must-have features

If you are going to take inspiration from SoundCloud and build a similar product that appeals to your particular audience, you will have to cover essential music streaming features and look over additional features and functions that will only fit best in your scenario.

Features you should definitely consider:

  • A library dashboard
  • Playlists
  • Smart search
  • Offline listening
  • Payment gateway
  • Push notifications

And of course, discovering artists should be easy and AI-based. The platform should be smart enough to figure out what the consumer listens to and what recommendations would suit them best. And while you look at the features we mentioned, make sure you know how to communicate it later to an Android app development company, or any other.

2.      Choosing a development partner

You will need a partner, a company that is willing to understand and take ownership of your project. A team of designers, developers, business strategists, Q/A engineers, and all other kinds of stakeholders can provide valuable insights into your product and help upscale in the right manner.

Your strategy should be precise and clear from the very first day. Plan a blueprint and present it during a consultation session in order to move to the next step. Make things simpler with the help of a company that knows what the music streaming ecosystem looks like and what steps should be taken.

We understand that it is difficult to narrow down one partner out of hundreds, but nonetheless, your research plan should consider the following:

  • Expertise and experience
  • How detailed the portfolio is
  • Online reputation
  • The budget quoted

Every point we mentioned adds up. Trust what a company’s previous clients have to say and how their experience was. Learn from others, and take your time before you conclude a decision.

3.      The UX/UI design

A music streaming app is usually incredibly specific to art and is oriented towards being an inclusive and welcoming space for all kinds of people. The UX/UI design should reflect how the audience thinks and how they would prefer the navigational experience to look like.

The UX/UI design should be user-focused and here is where research matters. Know your audience well and aim to help them over implementing standard market practices. App developers in Houston is evolving and there are design protocols followed.

Additionally, while working on a music app, you should note how the brand has a specific theme, and everything is curated around it. If you look at SoundCloud, you might have noticed how everything is either in orange, white, or black. The platform is known by those colors. It is a specific identity now.

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