An Overview of Using Sunscreen on Babies and Young Kids

Adults have tougher skin than babies, making it easier to withstand the hot sun and other harsh elements. Protecting infants and younger kids from extreme weather is essential, or it can have unpleasant and possibly dangerous consequences.

While covering them in protective clothing can do the trick most of the time, you need extra protection like sunscreen in many instances, such as going to the beach, where they may take off protective layering. But how safe is sunscreen for babies? This is a critical query many parents have, especially ones with infants who need constant care and protection.

The article outlines the truth about using sun protection lotion for babies and the repercussions it can have.

Is it safe?

If you are wondering whether it is safe to use sunscreen on babies, the answer is yes. According to experts, applying it to infants over six months old and young children can be harmless, provided the lotion contains no chemicals or other harmful ingredients. It is a pivotal step in protecting them from sun damage and skin cancer.

So, how safe is sunscreen for babies? It is safe to pick a chemical-free product and use it in moderation. It is also crucial to ensure that your baby does not swallow any of it, even though it is safe to use on them.

What type should you buy?

Keeping a few critical things in mind can help you choose a safe product for your child. The safest sunscreens are the ones with zinc oxide in them. Several products that treat babies for diaper rash have zinc oxide in them, proving how safe the substance is for infants. It is also suitable for eczema, acne, and sensitive skin.

Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory properties that can keep the skin healthy and prevent rashes and other painful breakouts. This is important as research indicates that children have sensitive skin until they are five. So, you can frequently apply a lotion containing zinc on your baby’s skin without worrying about side effects.

However, remember to check the list of ingredients to ensure no chemicals and other harmful substances might affect the skin adversely.

Where to buy

Although you can buy sunscreen for your baby from many different sources, you should look for reputable suppliers with considerable industry experience. This way, you will be assured that your product will be of excellent quality without containing harmful chemicals. Also, look for stores that sell other sun protection products, such as hats and sunglasses, allowing you to purchase products for yourself as well.

Therefore, look for reputable suppliers with positive client reviews who take wholesale and bulk orders that can make the purchase more affordable for you.

Other sun protection products you can use

While sunscreen is an excellent start, there are many other effective ways to protect your baby and yourself from the sun. You can use hats and arm sleeves to keep radiation off your skin. Shoulder wraps and neck gaiters can help protect the sensitive skin on the neck and arms, which is also susceptible to tanning relatively quickly.

Finally, face masks can also be helpful when you are outside for long hours or even in direct sunlight, as the skin on your face is highly sensitive.

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