How to clean headlights with Magic Eraser!


What is Magic Eraser? Magic Eraser is a brand of household cleaners developed by Method Products, Inc. It is widely considered to be one of the best non-abrasive cleaning products available on the market today. Magic Eraser is used as an automotive cleaner and to remove graffiti. It is safe to use on plastics, paint, glass, chrome, rubber, vinyl, and wood. Cleaning headlights with a magic eraser will help you remove grease, grime, and dust.

Headlights are one of those things that you see but don’t notice until you hit the road. And when you get to the bottom of the list of what’s wrong with your car, it’s usually the headlights that are at the top of that list. Cleaning headlights with a magic eraser will help you remove grease, grime, and dust.

Magic Eraser is a household name when it comes to cleaning stubborn things. However, did you know it can also clean windshields and car headlights?

Clean Headlights with the Magic Eraser

There are plenty of times you have to clean headlights after a crash. Whether it’s the aftermath of a fender bender or a major head-on collision, you can use the Magic Eraser to restore visibility for drivers behind you. The Magic Eraser has been used to remove blood from car interiors, clean blood stains off the pavement, and even clean up dried ink from pens and pencils. It’s the perfect tool to erase any unwanted debris from your car, truck, or SUV.

 Magic erasers are great for cleaning those car headlights, but they are so much more than that. They can help remove grease and grime and are also great for cleaning counters, paintwork, glass, and much more.

Make it Easy

The headlight is the most frequently seen part of a car, and it can be especially tough to clean. Most cars have lights built into the body, but the bulb can still be removed for cleaning. Start by cleaning the bulb using rubbing alcohol. Then gently scrub the glass with an old toothbrush to remove the residue and dirt.

Clean the inside of headlights using the Magic Eraser

When it comes to car maintenance, many drivers think that only oil changes, air filters, and windshield wiper fluid are important. But according to the American Automobile Association, a vehicle’s headlights are the number one place to fix minor problems. Here’s how to clean the inside of your headlights with the Magic Eraser.

Headlights can seem to be one of those parts of a car that never seems to wear out. But after a few years of use, your headlight bulbs can become dirty, foggy or even cracked, which could cause problems when it comes to visibility. To get a clear view of the bulbs, try using a Magic Eraser, a household cleaning product that removes stains from just about anything. All you need to do is put a small amount of the product on a rag and wipe it over the bulbs.

Ways to clean headlights

There are many ways to remove stubborn dirt from headlight lenses. Using a fine-tipped microfiber cloth is a good first step. The Magic Eraser is an excellent tool that gets the job done quickly, and without having to use harsh chemicals.

DIY Cleaning

Headlight cleaning is a popular project around the world. This DIY hack is quick and easy and uses something you likely already have around the house. I found my inspiration online after a friend of mine shared this awesome tutorial with me. The only supplies you need for this are an old toothbrush (or any scrubber) and a can of Magic Eraser.

How to Clean Headlights Quickly

You may think that there is nothing to clean headlights. But believe it or not, we gotta clean headlights every single day and very easy to get dirty. The dirt on your car’s headlights got bits of grit and sand, dirt from the road, and pollution. When your car’s headlights aren’t cleaned regularly, they’ll cause glare, making driving dangerous.

The two best ways to remove headlights are using a flashlight and using a shop vacuum with a suction hose. Using a flashlight to remove headlights involves shining a light into the area around the headlight and locating the bulb that’s behind the lens. To do this, you’ll need to turn off the vehicle first. Next, using a strong flashlight, shine it into the area where the bulb is located. Finally, unscrew the headlight assembly.

Magic Eraser is a miracle product 

Magic Eraser is the number one selling product in the world and, at one time, was the best-selling product in history. Its original inventor, Dr. Robert Gerber, invented the product in 1980. The first test of his product was in 1978 when he tried it on a piece of sandpaper and it immediately removed the grime. At the time, he was doing research on anti-microbial technology for hospitals. After testing the product, he realized that most people are using it for household cleaning and he began developing the business model around this idea.

One of the most effective ways to get people to buy something is to trick them into believing it’s a miracle cure for whatever they need. This is exactly what the makers of Magic Eraser are counting on. It’s a product that was introduced as a miracle solution for all kinds of household problems. The makers of Magic Eraser are cleverly using the power of surprise because the average consumer knows that there’s nothing more boring than having to clean stuff with a sponge. But Magic Eraser takes care of that.

Choose the right tool for the job

Choosing the right tool is very important. If you use a headlight cleaning product with detergent, you could damage your lights. Thats why use magic eraser to clean your headlights.


In conclusion, when removing light bulbs from headlights, you need to use an appropriate cleaning agent. To clean headlights, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda. This will help remove dirt and grime. However, you will still have to clean the lenses of the headlights, which can be difficult. Using Magic Eraser will help you remove grease, grime, and dust quickly. This is a useful little product to have around. Just pop a light bulb into the device and wipe it down. Magic Eraser is a handy tool to have around for cleaning and removing fingerprints from mirrors and lenses. It’s perfect for getting rid of those nasty fingerprints in your car.

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