How Giant Eagle’s Dry Cleaning Business Will Benefit From Amazon Go?


Giant Eagle’s Dry Cleaning, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, is rolling out Amazon Go, an app-based self-service checkout technology at all of its stores. Customers will receive a barcode that they scan when they arrive at the store. After they complete their shopping, they simply walk out of the store with their items. When they leave the store, the app will automatically charge their account. This eliminates the need for checkouts and lines. In an era where time is money, this technology is sure to save shoppers time and money.

1. How Giant Eagle Plans To Expand Its Business Through New Technology?

While most people associate technology and business with large corporations and multinational corporations, they have the ability to start small and grow into larger enterprises. One example of this is Giant Eagle, which started out as a single grocery store in a rural Ohio area. The company grew to include more than 500 stores. In 2012, Giant Eagle expanded further by acquiring rival chain Food 4 Less, becoming the largest privately owned grocery retailer in North America.

2. What Is Amazon Go?

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Amazon Go is a technology company that offers grocery stores that allow shoppers to use a smartphone to simply walk into a store, scan a QR code, pick up what they need and then walk out. Customers will never have to touch any cash registers or talk to a cashier.

Amazon Go is a retail store that is completely cashless. Customers simply walk into the store and scan their phones with an Amazon Go app to check out, and then walk out of the store with their items.

4.  Make dry cleaning fast, easy and convenient for shoppers:

There are many ways that technology will transform the grocery industry. For Giant Eagle, its ability to offer shoppers more convenience through its mobile apps.Loyalty rewards program is just one of those changes. The company plans to expand its presence in its stores and online with new technologies, including: mobile point-of-sale systems and customer loyalty programs; real-time inventory systems; in-store kiosks; and new digital marketing campaigns. These innovations are part of Giant Eagle’s plan to take advantage of changing consumer habits by offering customers more services.

5. How Giant Eagle’s Current Strategy Will Impact Amazon Go?

Giant Eagle stores are testing Amazon Go, a grocery store technology that uses cameras and sensors to automatically charge customers for items they pick up without human checkout employees. Amazon Go will likely be available for all of its stores by the end of 2019. The technology is similar to the checkoutless shopping experience Amazon launched last year, but instead of allowing shoppers to shop in-store, Amazon Go shoppers are simply given a mobile phone with the ability to scan items and leave without waiting in line.


In this new age of digital shopping and convenience, many consumers are choosing dry cleaning services to save time and money, instead of going to a traditional laundry service. With the Amazon Go program, consumers no longer need to take time to pick up and drop off their clothes. The stores have partnered with Giant Eagle to provide customers with the option of picking up dry cleaning at checko

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