Points to Keep in Mind to Impress Someone on a First Date

First dates can be absolutely nerve-wracking. The anticipation, nervousness and will to impress can make you feel a lot of emotions even before you get to sit in front of your date. And those emotions are nowhere as rosy as the butterflies you felt on seeing your crush. You are constantly thinking about what to wear and what to talk about leading up to your date, only to feel a tinge of excitement when things go as planned. So, you are basically a bundle of nerves until D-day arrives.

If you have a date lined up, this might be your current condition. If that is the case, don’t worry, as you are not alone in feeling this way. We all want to appear as the most charming version of ourselves in front of someone special. So, take a breather and focus on things you can control, such as placing an order for flower delivery in Bhopal or another city, wherever your date is planned. After all, that imaginary scenario of falling down the stairs or saying something stupid is all in your head. For now, prepare to put your best foot forward.

If you are also an awkward mess and looking up ways to score a second date by being a funny and impressive companion to your date, then this might help you to some extent. Even if a first date is very much out of your element, our tips will surely help you. So, keep on reading.

Look Presentable

Put some effort into how you look but not to the extent that you don’t feel like yourself anymore. It is essential to understand that you are trying not to look shabby here or like somebody who doesn’t care about the date at all. It is also not about presenting a fake persona with clothes that contradict your personality. This point is pretty self-explanatory; just don’t appear in front of your date looking like you couldn’t even bother to bathe. Make small efforts like ironing your clothes, styling your hair, and grooming yourself.

Arrive on time

Being late for a first date is not a good idea! In fact, you should account for any unforeseen circumstances like traffic delays, tire punctures, work issues, etc., and arrive before the planned time. Nothing is worse than not respecting someone’s time and assuming that a date is a free pass to be completely nonchalant and carefree. If you can’t make it on time, relay that information to your date and apologise for keeping them waiting. This is not even about impressing anyone; it’s basic courtesy!

Go with a refreshed mind

Be well-rested before your date. After all, you need to feel awake to keep any conversation going with your date. Yes, we know that life can happen, and things can get busy. You don’t need to put everything else on hold, but priorities what’s important and give yourself that window of good sleep. You will be able to engage more with the other person with a refreshed mind and be a good conversationalist. And this is what actually matters for showcasing your true self to someone who may become your partner later.

Don’t be blank

Have some plan about what you are going to do on the date. Don’t just wake up on the day with no idea of the next plan of action. If you want a dinner date, convey it to the other person. If you want to do some activity, make the other person aware of what you desire. If you want to show up to the venue with gorgeous flowers, look up a trustworthy flower shop beforehand. In fact, if you were the one who asked the other person out, sort out your reservations and keep them intimated. Being unprepared or blank on the necessary details can cause disastrous delays on D-day and make you look irresponsible.

Be a good listener

No good conversation happens with a monologue! Two people need to be equally engaged for a fun banter. So, be a good listener rather than going on and on about your strengths, weaknesses, salary, job, likes, dislikes, and whatnot. This works particularly well if you are shy and don’t really like speaking too much. Look the other person in the eye and show through your gestures that you are actively listening to your date. This will not only leave a good impression on your date but will also let you know more about the other person.

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