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Looking to keep your city clean and free of graffiti? You’re in luck. Street cleaning maps and schedules are available for every major city in the United States, and San Francisco is no exception. To make sure your street is always looking its best, check out the map and schedule below. And if you have any questions about street cleaning in San Francisco. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Department of Public Works. They’d be more than happy to help you out.

What is the San Francisco Street Cleaning Map & Schedule?

The San Francisco Street Cleaning Map & Schedule is a downloadable PDF that displays the street cleaning schedule for City of San Francisco. The map also indicates the days and time of the week when street cleaning will take place. Street cleaning is one of the many services that the City of San Francisco offers to its residents. It helps to keep our streets clean, free from debris. And in good condition so that people can safely walk on them.

How are Streets Cleaned in San Francisco?

In San Francisco, streets are cleaned regularly using a schedule that is published on the City’s website. The schedule divides the city into four cleaning zones, and each zone is assigned a day and time to clean. Street sweeping equipment is spread out across the city according to population density. With the most heavily populated areas being swept first.

The City also uses a map to identify active trash cans and applicator trucks so that street cleaners can target their cleaning efforts accordingly. The map indicates whether or not there has been recent litter accumulation in an area. Helping to ensure thorough cleaning of all streets.

When are Streets Cleaned in San Francisco?

Street cleaning in San Francisco is conducted on a schedule that is based on the amount of trash. And debris that accumulates on the streets. The schedule is as follows:


The weekly street cleaning schedule for January 1 through April 30 can be found here. All neighborhoods except Fishermans Wharf will have one clean day between the hours of 7am-9am. The Fishermans Wharf neighborhood will have two clean days, one between 7am-8am and one between 9am-10am.

Frequency of Cleaning:
Every other week

There are three different types of bags that people use when street cleaning in San Francisco. Trash, recyclable and yard waste bags can all be found at most convenience stores. Be sure to take your bag with you when picking it up from the curb! If you forget your bag, you can pick up a temporary bag at one of the many collection points throughout the city.
“San Francisco Street Cleaning Map & Schedule” by Anna Marie Ervin

Who Picks up the Street Cleaning in San Francisco?

The City of San Francisco publishes a street cleaning map. And schedule for cleaning. The Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for the street cleaning in San Francisco.

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday PWD crews clean commercial corridors, alleys, streets and major intersections. The Saturday crew primarily cleans streets near tourist areas. In addition to these district-specific cleanings. PWD also performs general maintenance on city streets including clearing debris, painting lines, and fixing potholes.

To find out when cleaning is gonna happen street next week or month visit the Street Cleaning Map & Schedule page on the City website [1]. You can also call 311 for information about specific cleanings or maintenance work happening on your street.

What to Expect on a San Francisco Street Cleaning Day

On a San Francisco street cleaning day, residents can expect to see crews working on designated streets from 7am-9am. Street sweepers will use brooms, mops and buckets to clean the sidewalks, gutters and curbs. In addition to cleaning the streets. Crews will also check for broken windows or other debris and collect empty cigarette packs. Food containers and other litter. Street sweeping is a regular part of the San Francisco Municipal Code. And to clean every two weeks during wet weather months (November-March). Residents also keep their neighborhood clean by picking up after themselve. And taking care not to leave any litter in sight. For more information on street cleaning in San Francisco, please visit our website or call 311.


Thank you for reading our street cleaning map and schedule article! We hope that this information has been helpful in guiding you through the different areas of the city. Where we will be performing our cleanings. Keep in mind that our schedules are subject to change at any time. So please check back regularly to see when and where we are cleaning. As always, thank you for your cooperation as we work hard to keep San Francisco clean!

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