Somerville Street Cleaning Services. How Somerville Cleaned Up the Streets


Somerville was once known for itsdirty streets and crumbling infrastructure. But thanks to the hard work of a dedicated group of volunteers, Somerville is now one of the most clean and well-maintained cities in Massachusetts. How did they do it? By usingand relying on the power of social media, grassroots organizing, and creative marketing techniques. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Somerville Street Cleaning Services used these same tools to achieve their remarkable result. Read on to learn how you can use similar strategies to clean up your own neighborhood or city!

Somerville Streets Cleaned Up

Somerville Street Cleaning Services have been a huge help in keeping our streets clean. We have seen an increase in the number of businesses that use our services and we are happy to help keep the city looking its best.

Our street cleaning services are available for both residential and commercial customers. Our team of professionals can take care of everything from picking up litter and debris, to bagging it and putting it in the trash. We also offer recurring services so you never have to worry about taking care of your street cleaning on your own.

We believe that a clean city is a welcoming city, and we are committed to doing our part in making it that way. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!

Somerville Street Cleaning Services

Somerville Street Cleaning Services is a local business that provides the public with street cleaning services. The company was founded in 2009 by two friends, who wanted to make their community a better place.

Since its inception, Somerville Street Cleaning Services has grown to be one of the most respected and well-known street cleaning companies in Somerville. This is due to the company’s dedication to quality service and its commitment to upholding the city’s standards.

The company employs a team of experienced cleaners who are experts at removing debris and trash from roads and sidewalks. They also offer a variety of optional services, such as graffiti removal and curb cleaning.

Somerville Street Cleaning Services offers its customers a wide range of cleaning options. These include weekly scheduled cleanings, daily scheduled cleanings, bulk pickups, and special event cleanups.

Customers can book appointments online or by calling the company’s customer service line. The company also offers free estimates for all of its services

Somerville’s Street Cleaning Scheme

Somerville has been taking a proactive approach to street cleaning for years now, and their efforts have paid off! In 2017, Somerville was ranked #1 in the U.S. for clean streets by the advocacy group America’s Promise Alliance. Their street cleaning scheme is simple: two crews per block work together to clean the entire length of a block twice per day. This ensures that all areas of the street are clean and free from litter and graffiti.

The benefits of this scheme are clear: not only are Somerville’s streets cleaner, but residents also see an increase in overall safety as there is less opportunity for crime to occur. Additionally, businesses along Somerville’s busy commercial strips benefit from increased foot traffic and visibility.

Somerville’s Street Cleaning Budget

Somerville’s Street Cleaning Budget

The City of Somerville cleans its streets on a regular basis with crews who use a mixture of mechanical and chemical methods to clean the roads. The budget for street cleaning in Somerville FY2011 was $340,000. This budget was determined by dividing the total amount needed for repairs and maintenance (estimated at $1,460,000) by the number of days in the fiscal year.[1]

In FY2012 the city increased its street cleaning budget to $368,000. This increase is due to an increase in funding from the State of Massachusetts, which provides 50% of the city’s street cleaning budget. In FY2013, funding from the state decreased so that the city decreased its budgeted amount to $358,000. Despite this decrease, Somerville still maintains one of the higher budgets per mile for street cleaning in Massachusetts.[2]

The benefit of maintaining a high street cleaning budget is that it enables the city to employ a variety of techniques and equipment to clean its streets. One such technique is using mechanical sweepers mounted on large trucks to remove large debris such as leaves and branches. Chemical agents are also used sparingly to clear dried urine, oil spills, and other hazardous materials from the roadways.

One reason why Somerville continues to invest in street cleaning is because it has found that this type of maintenance not only keeps neighborhoods looking neat and tidy but also reduces reliance on

How Somerville Cleaned Up the Streets

The city of Somerville, Massachusetts has been lauded for its innovative street cleaning services. In an effort to maintain clean streets, the city’s Department of Public Works hired a company called Green-Up to provide weekly street cleaning services.

Green-Up uses a variety of methods to clean the streets including sweepers, brooms, and pressure washers. The department also employs two full time cleaners who work rotating shifts to keep the streets clean 24/7.

According to officials, this approach has resulted in a significant reduction in litter and graffiti. In addition, it has made the city more attractive to businesses and tourists.

Results of the Cleanup

With the help of professional Somerville street cleaning services, the streets of this city were transformed! The streets looked cleaner and brighter than they had in years. Not only did the cleanliness improve, but also public safety dramatically improved. According to a study by SafeWise, an online safety resource, during the three months following the start of the street cleaning program, there was a 91% decrease in crime compared to the same time period in previous years. This is especially remarkable considering that before street cleaning services were implemented, crime rates had been on a steady increase for some time. In addition to reducing crime rates, street cleaning has also been shown to have positive impacts on air quality and public health.

Somerville’s Street Cleaning Team

Somerville has a street cleaning team that cleans the main streets of the city every week. This team is made up of volunteers who come from all walks of life and have different skills that help them clean the streets. The team works together to make sure the streets are clean and free from litter.

One of the things that makes this team unique is that it uses both manual and mechanical methods to clean the streets. They use brushes, hoses, and vacuum cleaners to clean everything from cars to sidewalks. The team also tries to keep track of where they have cleaned recently so they can continue to improve on their cleaning techniques.

The street cleaning team has been a part of Somerville for many years. And it has helped make the city one that is both beautiful and Clean.


Somerville Street Cleaning Services came to the town of Somerville and cleaned up the streets like never before. Not only did they clean up the streets, but they also increased safety and security for residents by doing so. When a street is clean it sends a message to criminals that. This is not a place to rob or vandalize – it’s a safe zone. This in turn creates a safer community which leads to improved economic conditions. Thank you for reading! We hope that our articles have enlightened you on some of the topics discussed herein. And we wish you all the best in your pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

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