What are expired listing postcards?

Homeowners who want to sell their homes enter into something called a listing contract involving them and a listing agent. The agent promises the owner to sell the property within a specified time. However, it’s an expired listing when they cannot do so.

When that happens, the property owners are anxious about selling their homes quickly and looking for every feasible means. In those situations, you can step in as a real estate agent and send them expired listing mailers, letting them know that you’re available and will get their home sold.

But what should these contain? What are the various purposes that they serve? Read the article to find out.

What should the postcard contain?

The card should contain a message in large, stylish, and eligible fonts informing the property owner of their listing expiring and persuading them to contact you to ensure their home is listed in the shortest time possible. You should include your contact information on the mailer, including your name, email address, website, and brand logo.

You want to ensure that your postcard’s message should be to the point without making it sound like a pushy sales pitch. It should focus on the homeowner’s motivation to sell and the benefit of listing with you. The mailer should also tell potential buyers why they should meet or contact you. You can do this by offering an assurance that you’ll get the job done right or selling your home for them at a reasonable fee.


Builds rapport with potential sellers

When someone receives an expired listing postcard in the mail, it shows that you are paying attention and know about their property. Being familiar with the local real estate market and the latest happenings will let them know that you are an agent they can rely upon.

Keeps properties top-of-mind

If you send out enough expired listing postcards and keep track, you’ll have more opportunities for buyers looking at homes in similar neighborhoods but have yet to find what they want!

It helps you connect with homeowners

Homeowners without any offers will likely be anxious to sell. They may have been waiting long and tried to sell the house themselves but failed. They could be frustrated and ready for a change of approach. If you can reach out to these owners with a postcard that offers help, you can connect with them before anyone else does!

The best way of sending these postcards

The quickest and best way to send expired real estate postcards is by hiring a company specializing in direct mail marketing. They offer hundreds of postcard templates at a highly affordable price (77 cents a card) without a minimum order requirement. And if you prefer a template outside their collection, you can ask them to create a custom template according to your needs.

Besides offering templates, they will handle your listing mailer campaign, ensure they reach the correct addresses, and even track them and notify you once the postcards are delivered. You can use their list builder to quickly create mailing lists based on a specific area or a subdivision.

The key to using expired listing mailers is to focus on the homeowner’s motivation. You want to help them understand how frustrated they’ve been and why they should choose you as their real estate agent. These are very effective and help you advertise your brand in the most convincing manner possible.

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